How to Install and Configure the Display GEN4-IOD-24T

This week I tried to configure and program a gen4 IoD 24T color display with resistive touch panel from 4D Systems for an IOT project. The display has an integrated ESP8266 and therefore WIFI. We had bought the whole kit, which means display, universal programmer adapter and some cables. There was no quick start guide […]

Sensor Network with Udoo and several ESP8266

Udoo as autonomous server for a sensor network

This is quick summary how to build a sensor network with Udoo and a couple of ESP8266. It’s a project sketch, not a tutorial. To build something similar you have to be familiar with microcontrollers, sensors, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Linux, Node.js and the Rest API. Installing and configuring Samba could also be useful.

One of the […]